Increase your Productivity and access everything from a single platform through Salesforce Integration Services & Data Migration

Are you using Salesforce and some other tools to fulfill your business needs? Are you tired of maintaining the same data on both platforms? Don’t worry Salesforce Integration services can provide you with the solution for it.

Salesforce Integration is essential for organizations as it allows you to access the business-critical data available on different platforms. If it’s a small enterprise or a large corporation no business operation functions with a single software. To be the most productive out there in the industry, it is a must that all those software communicate and sync with each other and share their data

Salesforce data migration is defined as the process of moving Salesforce data to other platforms where required. The migration is an opportunity to cleanse the data and the data should demonstrate the following characteristics:


All necessary details should be contained for all users


What the information needs should be included


Details contained should be accurate


Data should be available when you need it


Data should be accessible whenever we need it


Correct format required


Data should contain authentic information


No record duplicates should exist
Salesforce Lightning Features For A Successful Business

Intelligent customizations, easy compatibility, and updated UI & layouts are some of the best features of Salesforce lightning. The platform is equipped with many more features that will help businesses leverage endless advantages, seamless workflows, and greater outcomes.

Salesforce Integration Using Tools

Salesforce AppExchange contains hundreds of tools or apps that work out of the box to fulfill your business needs. Our consultants will help you to select one or more AppExchange apps for integration and set them up to implement the solution you are looking for.

Salesforce API Integration

Salesforce platform supports both REST and SOAP APIs. At Kriit technologies, we help businesses and enterprises to integrate their solutions and web apps with Salesforce directly through APIs. Our experts have got complete knowledge and the right experience of working with all of the Salesforce APIs and can help you to integrate the perfect solution for your business.

Salesforce Integration through Middleware

Enterprises utilize multiple platforms to fulfill their business needs and therefore want to have a solution where a cluster of platforms is implemented so that the data remains synchronized. To implement this type of solution, we create a middleware-server typically on AWS or Heroku that integrates Salesforce with one or more endpoints.

Salesforce Integration using Third-party Platforms

We also offer Salesforce Integration services using third-party Integration Platforms. This approach uses integration middleware such as Informatica, Jitterbit, Mulesoft, or Dell Boomi to provide integration services in Salesforce.

Select the Salesforce Integration That Is Best For You

We help enterprises unlock their full potential with Salesforce and its capabilities as an integration platform.

ERP Integration

ERP (Entity Resource Planning) integration with Salesforce brings synchronization between your sales and resource delegation strategies. Sales representatives get a 360-degree view of their clients through effortlessly checking stock-related data, shipments, and invoices – without delay in real-time through Salesforce CRM. This data will help you visualize the mechanisms of supply and demand thereby improving the process of planning and predicting growth in demand for certain company products.

Marketing Automation Integration

Integration of CRM with Marketing automation systems will help in better aligning Marketing and Sales functions. Such integrations help you in designing customer journeys, engaging with prospects, lead nurturing, and better campaign management.

We have a team of certified experts who can help you integrate with Partdot, Marketing Cloud, Marketo, HubSpot, MailChimp.

Accounting Integration

For the sales team, it is beneficial to get updated with the financial data and records, as well as the users should also have information about the invoices, management of their profile, and data-driven insights. Salesforce accounting integration has made the easy way to work. We have a team of experts having experience in these platforms like QuickBooks, Xero, Zoho Books, etc.

E-Commerce Integration

Major eCommerce platforms such as Magento, Shopify, wooCommerce, etc, needs Salesforce integration to manage various tasks. The integration allows to increase revenue and improve the productivity part. It helps to run campaigns, manage customer profiles, sales, inventory management, and many other useful tasks.

Salesforce Email Integration

Dealing with your day-by-day required errands, for example, sends (counting Gmail), undertakings, arrangements, and contracts should be composed and overseen productively. Get the Salesforce for your Microsoft Exchange and Outlook to increase your growth graphs.

Collaboration System Integration

Integrate Salesforce with popular collaboration systems such as SharePoint and Office 365 to increase the coherence of your company silos. Our team’s experience will ensure that the integration goes right and the end product will be the best one available out there.

Social Media Integration

To enhance user engagement and experience, it is important to track the activities of social media. We provide services to integrate social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn to increase your customer visibility on your social media platforms.

CTI Integration

We can assist you in connecting third-party computer-telephony integration (CTI) systems with Salesforce or activating the platform’s CTI toolkit to let you raise sales, as well as boost service quality and speed. It helps in the improvement of call management through identification and routing of incoming calls, enabling the VoIP and PSTN calling, from analyzing the KPIs. Some of the examples are Twillo, Ring Central, etc.